Ray Ban 8061 CARAVAN: DH: Black Bridge (Dark Chocolate Shade)

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Product Features:

  • Best Quality Replica as per Bangladesh concern
  • SIZE # 58mm
  • QC Products
  • Special Caravan Series.
  • Straight Front.
  • Black Bridge Caravan
  • Full RB Boxed product with all relevant accessories
  • Clear & Durable Ray-Ban logos coated on Frames, Lenses & Rest of the places
  • Maximum sun protection as per replica concern
  • Comfortable forest Black & Gunmetal frames with special cut
  • Special & Unique finished arms
  • Dark Chocolate Shade lenses
  • Opposite part of the lenses r reflected as violate rainbow
  • Perfect alignment
  • Heavy Duty
  • This brand is First designed for the U.S. military fighter pilots
  • Almost all RB packages available in different prices
  • ALL uploaded images r snapped by us, So u will get real ides
  • FREE** shipping of the sun-glass to all over the Bangladesh


  • 4050 BDT (Chromax Driving Series Black Wallet)
  • 4050 BDT (RB Slim Black Wallet)
  • 4250 BDT (Diamond Hard Rare Wallet Packed)
  • 4250 BDT (RB Smart Brown Big Wallet)
  • 4250 BDT (TECH Black Boxed With All Papers)

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